crystal clear hot tub after service

Hot Tub Services and Rates


HOT TUB ROUTINE MAINTENANCE (up to 20 minutes each time)

Two Spa Checks (our chemicals) - $90.00 per month

Four Spa Checks (our chemicals) - $140.00 per month


COMBINATIONS (up to 30 minutes each time)

Two Spa & Two House Checks (2 calls per month) - $115.00 month

Four Spa & Four House Checks (4 calls per month) - $170.00 month



Labor rate of $105 per hour (1 hour min. billed) + parts

After hours or weekends $155 per hour

*cover and filter sales available



$160 for each hot tub


SPA CHECKS INCLUDE (up to 20 minutes each time):

Pull and rinse filters monthly

Add water to spa (if water is on and hose bib is accessible)

Adjust pH level

Cleaning filter well or surface ring at water level

Net spa and clean bottom

Check pump and blower operation

Adjust total alkalinity

Add bromine, chlorine, clarifier, spa shock, oxidizer, stain-n-scale, and defoamer as needed


HOUSE CHECKS INCLUDE (up to 10 minutes each time):


Heaters and Furnaces

Operate Thermostat

Observe and report any mice/squirrel/ant/woodpecker damage

Water (to be on or off)

Report hazardous conditions



NOTE: Snow removal to access spa equipment, lid, hose bibs, and paths is additional ($45 per hour). Turning on and off house water and re-winterizing is additional ($48).

You should routinely drain, clean and refill spa once every three to six months (spas used weekly by different families should be routinely drained and filters soaked in chemicals at least once a month or with each new rental), as a spa is nothing more than a large bathtub. Spa filters should also be soaked in chemicals once a month. Spas can get chemical-bound and contaminated rapidly, due to the warm temperatures, which promote algae and bacterial growth.


Contact us to ensure proper maintenance


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